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Please login with your emailaddress and password! You will get an email with your new password automatically! Welcome to the Dashboard.

If you want to purchase your mining package please load your Deposit Wallet in the section «Finance». At the moment with Cryptocurrencies and Bank transfer. Every day we will implement more payment processors.

Once the Deposit Wallet is loaded, you can purchase our personal mining package!

When you try to purchase your package you will be ask for filling in your profile details, please do so, as it is an obligation before KYC end of the month.

The tutorial videos will be uplaoded on all company channels today night! You can see at the moment only the amount of people from your own downline, the whole amount of people under you will be shown tomorrow. This has caused today a database fault, which was the reason for the delay!

A cooperate Live Webinar will happen tomorrow, Tuesday 1st of May! 10pm Berlin Time / approx 1h


Roadmap(Opening Nexus Crypto Wallet with Unilevel products, creditcard)

Opening Nexus Academy / Funnel System

Nexus Support Leipzig / How to use correctly

Which features are coming the next days

Cooperate Webinar 1st of May 2018 / English


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